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​​Dog Show Payment Center

On behalf of the Bulldog Club of Utah we want to say thank you for making the journey to our show this year. We look forward to seeing you and we wish you the best of luck when competing at our show.
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​​Premium List

 Click here for a copy of the premium list

Separate Fee is Required for Each Event
See Additional Fees Required for Fax/PayPal Entries
Entry Fees Include $.50 AKC Recording Fee on First Entry of Each Dog & $3 AKC Event Service Fee on Each Entry) 

All Regular & Non-Regular Classes (unless otherwise specified)………………...$28.00​ 
Puppy Classes to 12 months, Bred By Exhibitor Classes, & Veterans Classes.. $25.00 
Sweepstakes Classes (must also be entered in a regular class) …………………$25.00 
Second entry of the Same Dog in the Same Event………………………………...$25.00 
Junior Showmanship (must be entered in a regular class) AM only $-0-

($3.00 from the first entry of each dog, at each show, will be donated to the BCA 2019 National Fund)
* For Fax/e-mail Entries using PayPal add $3 processing fee for the first entry of each dog.


Step 1. - Click the AKC Official Entry Form link, download and save a copy to your desktopComplete your official AKC Official Entry Form listing all details for each dog entry. When form is complete click on the submit button to email form to Show Secretary or print and mail form to the below address before entry end date. 

(Note: If emailing your entry please check your sent items folder ensuring that your entry form was submitted if sending via email. We also encourage that you call the show secretary for confirmation)

Step 2. - Total the cost of entry fees for all classes entered for each event.

Step 3. - Click on Add to Cart button to complete payment for entry fees.

(Note: If faxing or emailing your Official AKC Entry Form You will need to include the $3.00 PayPal processing fee as part of your entry fee payment for your first entry on your dog or bitch. Print and retain a copy of your payment confirmation email as this is your proof of payment for your entry.)

Step 4. - Email or Mail official AKC Entry Form to show secretary. Contact information is as follows:

Liz Coates, Event Secretary
KANAB, UT 84741-8141
(435) 899-1330   
[email protected]  

(Note: Entry into these shows closed on 04/17/2019 at 8PM. At this time no additional entries can be made.)

Important Information

Your entries made using this web site are not complete and accepted until a valid payment has been authorized by your bank prior to the closing date and time for the shows entered. If the entry closing time is reached prior to the receipt of a valid payment, your entries will not be accepted.

All cancellations, changes, corrections, move-ups, withdrawals, etc., must be done in the normal way through the organization/show secretary handling the show. You should be aware of each organization's policy regarding any administrative fees if any as they may charge for handling cancellations. Any such request must include the show name and date, dog's breed, name and AKC number, owner's name and address, along with the information on what is to be done. Administrative fees if charged are not refundable for cancelled entries.

Be very careful to proofread what you type into the dog's entry (i.e., class, name, etc.) as whatever you type will become part of your dog's record. In addition, you should refer to the actual premium list for classes offered, fee breaks, etc. If you need to have a premium list sent to you contact the appropriate organization handling the show.

Keep good records. Administrative fees will NOT be refunded if applicable. Entry fee refunds are handled through the organization/show secretary handling show according to their individual policies regarding such refunds.

You will receive a confirmation via Paypal at the end of the payment process when your payment is approved. IMPORTANT - print and retain the confirmation email, your entries are not complete and not accepted until you receive this email. YOU MUST have this email in order to verify the status of your entries if a discrepancy should arise. 

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Trophy Donations​​

If you are sponsoring a trophy for one of our events you may send your sponsorship payment via paypal by clicking the add to cart button below.

If you would like to sponsor a specific trophy vs. donate to the general trophy fund please complete the following steps: 

Step 1. Save a copy of the trophy donation form to your desktop.

Step 2. Click on the box for the trophy you would like to sponsor. 

  Step 3 . Click Send to email or print the form, if mailing send to the address listed on the form.

Note: If you prefer to mail a check please complete the trophy donation form and include with your check. 

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!Thank You​​

Thank you for your trophy donation. Our show's success happens because of of the kindness and generosity of people like you! photos of the trophies will be added to our Current Dog Show Photo Album the day of the show that way those unable to attend will be able to see what the donations were applied To
William claytoN
Trophy Chairperson