The Bulldog Club of Utah


If you are interested in joining the Bulldog Club of Utah (BCU) (1.) please click HERE and download the form  (2.)   save a copy to your desktop (3.) fill in the necessary fields (4.) click submit. A completed C​ode of Ethics form must also be completed. The completed form can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the address on the application.

Do you love bulldogs and want to be part of an organization the promotes responsible ownership? Bulldog friends are invited to join the Bulldog Club of Utah (BCU) and participate in our many yearly meetings and events. We encourage frequent member participation.

Club membership dues are $20 for the year.. If you do not believe you can be a participant at meetings and other club functions on a regular basis, please consider joining the club as a “Friend”.  As a “Friend” you will receive the newsletter, generally published monthly and will be notified of any upcoming events which we encourage you to attend whenever possible.  A “Friend” may not hold office or vote. .

Benefits of Membership in the Bulldog Club of Utah

Fellowship with other bulldog lovers
Support group regarding bulldog health issues
Maintain bulldog and bulldogger's integrity
Education of showing your bulldog
Bulldog Training Seminars
Socialization of your Bulldog
Education in community and positive bulldog exposure
Fun Matches and future dog shows
Breeding responsibly
Network of knowledge that is readily shared
Awareness of legislature affecting dog ownership
Good times with good people, their families, and the best dogs ever owned

Membership Fees

If you have been approved to become a club member or would like to renew your existing membership you may do so by submitting your membership fee via paypal. Please click on the Paypal Button for access to our Paypal site. 
Note: Club Dues are paid on an annual basis and a reminder email communication will be sent annually letting you know when to renew.