The Bulldog Club of Utah
Outstanding Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form​​

The Bulldog Club of Utah is happy to accept your nomination for the person being nominated for the Annual Outstanding Sportsmanship Award. This award was created to help promote Good Sportsmanship when participating in the sport of Dog Handling and Exhibiting. In order to be eligigble for the award you must be caught in the act of promoting proper Good Sportsmanship.

Examples could be but not limited to:
1. Helping a fellow handler when participating at an event.
2. Encouraging proper ring ettiquette.
3. Conducting themselves in a good way ring side.

Click here for a copy of the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.

Nominations must be made on or before December 1st of the calendar year and the nomination committee will select the annual recipient. 

List of previous winners​​
Jimmy Bane- 2017
Minty Pickering- 2018
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

If experiencing issues with completing the online form Click here for a printable copy of the form.
Note: The Bulldog Club of Utah offers one (1) Outstanding Sportsmanship Award on an annual basis in the form of a Plaque or Trophy related item. All nominations are reviewed by the Board of Directors and a determination is made regarding the winner before the Annual Holiday Party. The trophy related item will be given to the award winner at that time. The annual trophy shall be ordered/supplied by the trophy chairperson as part of their committee planning process.